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University of Washington Resources

In the pages in this section you will find various resources regarding Disability Studies. These are to help you to further your knowledge of the discipline. [need more text]

Seattle Resources

Washington Talking Book and Braille Library


National and International Resources

Society for Disability Studies

Founded in 1982, The Society for Disability Studies is an international organization that supports scholarly work in the field. They publish Disability Studies Quarterly, a journal dedicated to interdisciplinary scholarship that engages with key issues in Disability Studies.

Disability History Museum

The Disability History Museum has a significant collection of primary resources available for viewing on-line.


disabiltiystudies.net is an internet consortium of individuals interested in the study of disability. The website includes academic abstracts and links that are useful for research and scholarship.

The State of Disability in America

A recent study funded by the Life Without Limits Project, that examines the experience of persons with disabilities in America. The article provides a good history of disability, including the movement for civil rights, in the United States, and offers a perspective on public policy and social change that affects the lives of people with disabilities.

Disability Social History Project

This website features an eclectic archive that can provide a starting point for projects and research.

United Kingdom Disability Studies Archive

Journals and Publications

Disability Studies Quarterly


The Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal


Journal of Disability Law published by the Social Science Research Network

SSRN Direct Link This link was shortened for length, but will bring you to the Journal of Disability Law.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, published by the American Association on Developmental Disabilities

Disability and Society