These are the web sites I have worked on. What I did for each web site will be noted. Further questions about the involvement of a particular site are welcomed. Please contact me about questions and/or my availability to work with you.


My design philosophy is that I am here to work with you. I merely possess the knowledge about web design. You tell me what you want your site to look like and I make it happen.


in campus banner

inCampus.com first asked me to help them convert their table-based header from a table, to a modern style of method (div's and CSS). They were so impressed, I was asked to do a whole site revamp and prep it for ASP.NET. Advanced CSS knowledge was needed to have the header to display correctly across multiple browsers.
Skills Used: HTML, CSS

Disability Studies at the University of Washington

The Disability Studies program asked me to assist them in upgrading their web site based on a template given by the University. Unfortunately, when the site was being built, the modifications they wanted were not allowed.
Skills Used: PHP, CSS, Accessibility, information flow

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