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Hello, you reached this page most likely because you were redirected from my .name domain ( or I used my OpenID as my URL. Here, you can find out more about Ryan, and various social networking sites I am on. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please contact me.

About Me

I graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. I am a computer specialist/consultant at the Access Technology Center, where I convert text to Braille, among other things. By working there for a number of years, I am at the state where I pretty confident in advising others on which Assistive Technology (AT) that could be beneficial to them. I was born and raised in a small city (at the time) about 40 minutes from Seattle. One of the things most people will notice about me is that I am usually in shorts, cold doesn’t bother me much, but often get too warm. I am also a founding member of the Alpha Pi Chapter of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity.

Aside from school, I am a web developer with a little to advanced/expert knowledge with 9 different computer languages with a specialty of accessibility. Feel free to check out my portfolio.

Instant Messenger

  • AOL & Skype: Rguy84
  • GTalk: ryan [dot] benson [at] or just use the link in the footer
  • MSN: Rguy84 [at]
  • Yahoo!: Huskiesryan
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